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CNG is in manual, semi-automatic and automatic modes. Automatic system control station parameters, automatic shutdown. Gas is consumed from urban communications pressurized 0,15-0,28 MPa (1.5-2.8 atm.) 0.6 -1.2 MPa (6 to 12 atm.), 1.7-2, 5 MPa (20,0-25,0 atm.) and 2.5-4.5 MPa (25,0-45,0 atm.). Block - containerized equipment allows transportation by all modes of transport and operation outdoors in climatic zones from - 35 oC to + 55 oC. Compressor and all the spare parts of our production are always available with us. Compressors our production differ from the products of other manufacturers in that rods and tubes operate without additional forced lubrication, which allows the drying gas at the outlet station without adsorber. All Moisture-oil separators - centrifugal. We provide a full range of activities to introduce CNG: supply of equipment, installation, commissioning, warranty service, can assist in designing the station, advising customers. For installation of the station is sufficient to make its connection to the gas and electricity networks. CNG stations operate in manual, automatic and semi-automatic modes. Automatic system control station parameters, automatic switching on and off, as well as automatic shut-off when working parameters of tolerance.




Kirakosyan Armen Ashoti


Founded in 1964, Joint Stock Company Charentsavan's Tool-Making Plant is considered as a supplier of wide nomenclature of precision broaches and gear-cutting tools.

Because of its consistency in quality, wide range of products and excellent service to its customers it has established reputation of prestigious producer of quality products. The enterprise intends to maintain and to strengthen the leading edge in the market of metal-cutting tools.

The pledge of success of our production are highly skilled specialists, as well as possession of up-to date precision equipments, measurements and testing of such well-known firms as: "Carizeiss", "Churchill", "Karr and Co", "Klingelnberg", "Lorenz", " Reform", "Stankoimport", etc.

Introduction of new and modern technologies of producing tools, wide advertising company and successful mastering of new markets enables the enterprise to face challenges in the future.